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A little over nine years ago, we chose to leave the home we loved in Southern California to settle in an area we found to be even more desirable, Southwest Washington. Specifically, we moved to Vancouver, WA, just across the Columbia River, north of Portland, OR. Our home in SoCal was in Orange County, known politically as Red County. Since Portland is notoriously Blue, one of the biggest adjustments we found ourselves making in moving to this area was due to its very different political environment. An aspect of this that continues to elude my acclimation, however, is the prevailing attitude of intolerance by liberals towards conservatives.


One of the most blatant examples of this prejudice has been hearing liberals call our selected home, Vancouver, Vantucky. Recently, I’ve also heard the county we live in, Clark County, referred to as Clarkabama. Of course, I have no way of knowing all the intended implications by users of these terms but it seems pretty clear the general aim is to disparage. That sense is reinforced by the fact that these terms are typically used in phrases like “… the morons in Clarkabama.” Some may view this as being amusing or, at least, as being relatively harmless. I don’t. In fact, I see this sort of sophomoric denigration as being quite harmful. Continue reading


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Listening for Our Best


Fox Blonde WomenIn a recent article, entitled Get Out of the Villages!, I made reference to an “unfathomable rift that Americans have allowed to develop between themselves and fellow-Americans, due to differences in political views, etc.” Nearly every day, I witness contributions being made to further widen this self-made abyss. Recently, I saw a post on Facebook that I viewed as exemplifying this problem. Since I think it can also serve to point towards the solution needed to close this gap, I want to discuss it here.

The Facebook post in question included the photo of the nine women, shown above, along with the caption “The amazing diversity of FOX News”. The, obvious, implication is that Fox News is lacking in diversity. To me, this was so blatantly inaccurate, I immediately posted the following comment: Continue reading


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Rarely Asked of God

Arguably, the most common question for people to ask God is, “Why God?” Most often, this question is posed in the context of encountering a significant challenge. Yesterday, as the result of hearing a Bible study on the story of Job, I recognized what is probably the least common question for people to ask God. Continue reading

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Stones of Help

Stones of Help

For some time now, I’ve wanted to change Here I Raise My Ebenezer to facilitate adding shorter articles, published more frequently, in addition to the longer articles that I’ve been publishing four or five times per month. Well, this is the first of those shorter articles. Its sole aim is just to let you know about the related change on this blog site.

As of today, when you go to, you’ll notice a new menu option. In addition to Home, About and Gary Wiram – Editor, you’ll see a new tab entitled Stones of Help. Clicking on that tab will take you to a page containing only shorter articles (presently, only this one). These shorter articles will also appear on the Home page, along with the longer articles.

OK, that tells you what the change is and its purpose. But, what about that name? Stones of Help?! To fully understand why I chose that name and where it fits in, you might want to refresh your memory on the meaning behind the name of this blog site, Here I Raise My Ebenezer, by revisiting the About page along with revisiting a previously published article entitled Setting Up an Ebenezer. With your understanding renewed , let me tell you that the origin of the name Ebenezer is a Hebrew phrase meaning “stone of help”. For me, then, Stones of Help seemed like a fitting way to define these shorter articles as building blocks meant to help Here I Raise My Ebenezer in achieving its overall objectives.

Hopefully, this change will also make it easier for you to regularly stay tuned in to Here I Raise My Ebenezer. As you do, I’m sure you’ll get a better understanding of where Stones of Help fits in. With that said, I want to remind you that I sincerely appreciate your readership and to encourage you to feel welcome to add to the discussion on any of my article topics by contributing your related comments.

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