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Play Mean but Play Clean

dick-butkus-coverWhat comes to mind for you when you hear the name Dick Butkus? Immediately, I think along the lines of the caption on this Sports Illustrated cover … “Dick Butkus of the Bears – The most feared man in the game (NFL Football)”. No doubt, many others (especially those of my generation) share that same first thought. And, there’s ample justification for that line of thinking. The 6 ft 3 in, 245 lb Butkus, was known as one of the most feared and intimidating linebackers during his nine years as a player for the Chicago Bears.

Next, you may think of Dick Butkus as a celebrity endorser and actor. That’s my next thought too. And, here too, there’s plenty of good reason for thinking that way. The “most feared man in the game” persona of this Pro Football Hall of Fame member has been very effective in promoting brand names, from his Miller Lite commercials with Bubba Smith  to his “I’m sorry, Dick Butkus” spots for FedEx. And, Butkus has had numerous roles on TV and in the movies. He was even the namesake for Rocky’s English Mastiff, in both the Rocky and Rocky II movies.

So, if you met him today, wouldn’t you expect to meet a somewhat older version of the Dick Butkus you’ve come to know about over the years? That is, an imposing figure who still lives in his hometown, Chicago, whose time is mostly spent enjoying the leisure activities of retirement, along with some dabbling in the worlds of sports and entertainment. That’s what I thought when my Wife, Ruth and I had the pleasure of meeting him recently at a MarriageTeam Tailgate Party & Auction. I will say that the qualities I expected to find in his makeup all seemed to be present and undiminished. However, I also got to start becoming acquainted with some dimensions of the man that were a pleasant surprise. One of these is a campaign he started, called Play Clean™. It’s a program that encourages teens to “train hard, eat well, and play with attitude”, instead of resorting to illegal steroids. His willingness to take this stand against steroids caused USA Today to comment that Butkus may have a greater impact on the game in his 60s (now 70s) than he did playing in his 20s. Continue reading


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God’s UPS Drivers

In a recent post, entitled American Heroes and Idols, I lamented our culture idolizing self-serving public figures like Alex Rodriguez, instead of heralding other-oriented public servants. I ended that post by saying, “I plan to detail examples of these (more wholesome role models) in one or more future posts.” I’m beginning this by using today’s article to tell you about one of these true heroes in the community where I live. My intent is for this to be the inaugural post for a separate page on Here I Raise My Ebenezer, to catalog the stories of these, often, unsung heroes. My hope is that you, our Readers, will send us recommendations for articles like this about such heroes that you become aware of in your life. It doesn’t matter if the impact of their efforts is local or national or international. They may be people effecting great community service who just don’t seek the limelight. Or, they could be public figures who, outside of what they’re best known for, are quietly using their blessings to bless others. Regardless, please send us your recommendations so that we can share them, as examples of true heroes who selflessly build up our community rather than selfishly adding to its decline.

The man behind the following video, entitled US Digital Reaches Out, is the subject of our first article in this series.

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